Vascular surgery

In vascular surgery we manage the diagnostics and treatment of the diseases of arteries and veins.

In vascular surgery we diagnose and treat the diseases of major arteries as well as superficial venous system. In the treatment of patients with pathology of abdominal aorta, arteries of upper and lower extremity and carotids we use surgically as well as intravascularly sparing methods (dilation, stenting) or their combinations.

In the diagnostics of patient with venous or arterial disease we can use different instrumental investigations. In this respect we are equal to other European vascular surgery centres. The use of different investigation options allows the best solution to be chosen for the patient.

As the vascular surgery patients have often several concurrent diseases, we handle them multimodally with other specialists in the East Tallinn Central Hospital as well as in other hospitals in Estonia. Our aim is to offer the patient an explicit action plan – what he/she can do and what we are able to offer.

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