What is Vascular Surgery?

In vascular surgery we manage the diagnostics and treatment of the diseases of arteries and veins.

In vascular surgery we diagnose and treat the diseases of major arteries as well as superficial venous system. In the treatment of patients with pathology of abdominal aorta, arteries of upper and lower extremity and carotids we use surgically as well as intravascularly sparing methods (dilation, stenting) or their combinations.

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Varicosities venous reflux disease

Unfortunately varicose veins are one of the most often occurring forms of connective tissue weakness, affecting 30-50% of population.

The end stage of varicose vein disease is a trophic ulcer that heals very poorly.

Our the approach starts with thorough consultation together with ultrasound investigation.

Large and ugly operation wounds for the removal of varicose vein are a thing of past! The modern approach is varicose veins removed through needle hole.

The basis of a good result is an informed and secure patient. This is something that our team is able to offer to all our patients.

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Surgical Procedures


Sclerotherapy is a procedure correcting small subcutaneous or intracutaneous varicose veins, during which a sclerosing substance (sclerosant) is injected into the vein with a fine needle.
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Mini-phlebectomy is the best method of choice in case of clustering varicose veins. It is possible to remove the superficial clustering varicose veins, which are most disturbing for people, through needle holes.
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